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What documents need to be submitted to assessor?

Documents for Getting EPC

To produce more accurate EPC we kindly request all landlords to provide following info/details/photos/documents if applicable prior to or at latest on the day of inspection:

  • If there is any insulation material on walls/floors/roof, in order to include this in to calculations, we need the photos of actual insulation boards/layers installed in place ( at the time of construction) or building controls documents signed by local planning authorities which shows thickness and type of insulation materials.


Note: Acceptable documentary evidence includes, but is not limited to, official letters from the applicable Registered Social Landlord (RSL) or certificates, warranties, guarantees.

  • For properties with roof top Solar Panel System we need to know the total capacity install (in KWp) Pitch, orientation, and level of over shading
  • If there is any Extension/conservatory/Loft conversion, we need to know the age (year of construction)


Note: Providing exact year of construction is very important because in case of lack of documentary evidence regarding existence of insulation in walls/roofs/floors, Software assumes some level of insulation in certain part of the property according to the year of construction and building regulations in place in the year of construction. If No documentary evidence is provided and age is unknown, software assumes No insulation.

  •  For double/triple glazed windows/doors we need to check FENSA certificate.
  • If there is any (mobile/movable) thermostat it should not be hidden and should be placed somewhere visible to be included in the calculations.
  • If applicable, please provide property floor plan this will ease the inspection process.


Note: The Total Floor Area stated at first page of certificate will not be necessarily equal to actual internal floor area of the property. The Square meters on EPC is a number which is used only for calculation of energy rating. This number does not include floor area of any unheated space such as, garage, porch, unheated conservatory, storage, separated garden flat/shed and unheated roof room therefore this number should not be relied on as a basis of valuation by landlord or any prospective purchaser.

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