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How do I get an EPC certificate?

How do I get an EPC certificate?

How do I get an EPC certificate?


Only a qualified domestic energy assessor (DEA) can issue EPC for your property. All of our assessors in FAST-EPC LONDON Ltd are fully qualified to issue official energy performance

How to get an Energy Performance Certificate? 
Book an appointment with us. A qualified assessor will come to your property and check the heating system and construction features such as type of glazing, construction of walls/floor/ceiling, existence of insulation etc… After the inspection, assessor will complete the calculations and will lodge the report in to the government website. then you can download the final certificate directly from government website by putting your postcode here

What is an EPC rating?

A rating between A to G that shows how efficient your property is in terms of energy consumption. Band A is the best rating meaning the most efficient type and band G is the least rating with less efficiency characteristics.
Is there a Pass and Failed results? 

Yes, For rental properties, minimum acceptable rating is Band E. if the property get a F or G rating it is classified as Failed!
How long an EPC is valid for? 
EPC issued by a qualified energy assessor is valid for duration of 10 years.



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